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Re-Gifting Your Brand For The Holidays!

Retail Advertisers know that holiday campaigns are crucial to their annual goal. This is why, “during the holiday shopping season, which includes October, November, and December, you should be spending a disproportionate amount of money on your advertising.” This window is

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It’s About Ad Content. Not Ad Longevity!

The Millennials and the Generation Z-ers are influencing today’s marketing trends with ephemeral content engagement. Ephemeral content is posted content that lasts 24 hours and then vanishes. This type of advertising is becoming popular due to the FOMO (Fear Of Missing

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Billboards are Literally Speaking to Us!

Billboards are becoming more versatile when serving ads. According to Magna and Rapport’s latest OOH report,it is the only traditional medium with increased ad sales over the last ten years, with a projected revenue increase of US $33 billion by

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Digital Advertising Is Leading Towards Programmatic!

Programmatic buying is taking the lead in digital advertising. It can apply to anything from display, digital out of home and television media through the use of automated parameters (buying & selling) to pinpoint your target audience (Display Trading Council).

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Apple’s Top Brit Designer At Loggerheads Over Return to UK

Apparently the senior vice president of industrial design for Apple, Jonathan Ive, who worked on Apple’s iconic iPhone, iPod and Apple iPad is a Brit and he wishes to return to the good ole UK, but apparently Apple isn’t too happy about it.

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