Re-Gifting Your Brand For The Holidays!

Retail Advertisers know that holiday campaigns are crucial to their annual goal. This is why, “during the holiday shopping season, which includes October, November, and December, you should be spending a disproportionate amount of money on your advertising.” This window is a time for a brand to put a different perspective on their campaign.

After all, it is the “most wonderful time of the year” and your advertising campaign should reflect the giving nature of the season.  This is best done with a multichannel approach. You are re-gifting your brand to expand on your customer base.

This opportunity for growth during the holiday season can be an anchor for creating lasting customer relationships. The brand should be able to step back and rediscover itself.  This not only creates an opportunity to re-engage your current audience base but it also brings in new customers. Since  “the holidays are a prime opportunity to help busy holiday shoppers finish their shopping and build a solid relationship with your customers,” it is important to make your brand festive and inviting.

Advertisers should take this into consideration when laying out the plans for their next holiday campaign. “Through traditional marketing methods, ad impressions typically increase 50% during the holiday season. Click-through rates rise 100%, direct traffic increases 150%, the average order value grows by 30%, and conversion rates go up 60%.” The increases in conversion rates are apparent in the trend of mobile shopping applications and webpages. Your ads are more accessible and this leads to a higher retention rate.


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