It’s About Ad Content. Not Ad Longevity!

The Millennials and the Generation Z-ers are influencing today’s marketing trends with ephemeral content engagement. Ephemeral content is posted content that lasts 24 hours and then vanishes.

This type of advertising is becoming popular due to the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) trend. This has resulted in branded content having a “now-or-never feel to it.” Social media users (consumers) will be more apt to engage with the brand and make an inquiry. The importance of creative has been revitalized. Campaigns are being turned into brief but articulately branded stories.

The popular social media apps that use the stories feature (ephemeral content postings) are: Snapchat, Instagram & Facebook. An example of advertisers incorporating their brand with ephemeral content on Snapchat are: Disney’s Geo-Filters, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation’s Call-to-Action, & Taco Bell’s Lens.

Here are some reasons why ephemeral content might be appealing. According to Change Conversations 2, it not only allows for Brand Interaction, but it is:

  • Authentic (builds a sense of trust, excitement and longevity with the brand, since you choose to follow it).
  • Thrives off of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out- users are tempted to check back in on the brand).
  • Takes you Behind the Scenes (brands can showcase behind the scenes content, preview upcoming projects or products, show events, and offer promotions).
  • It is Mobile Friendly (easily accessible through the use of a QR or Snapcode to access content).
  • Lastly, it has the Highest Engagement Rate (Visual content is 40x more likely to get shared on social media than any other types of content).

A high engagement rate is factored by CTAs (Clicks Through Acquisition) and supported with user-generated content (UGC).  Meaning, the readily available camera feature on Snapchat (the pioneer) & Instagram have made sharing stories more accessible. The ability to share and interact with your story has been integrated into branding through sponsorships and participation. Users know that their content is not long lived and brands know that too. This all feeds into FOMO, since users are tempted to check back with the content in a timely manner.


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