Billboards are Literally Speaking to Us!

Billboards are becoming more versatile when serving ads. According to Magna and Rapport’s latest OOH report,it is the only traditional medium with increased ad sales over the last ten years, with a projected revenue increase of US $33 billion by 2021.

Now, enhance the traditional medium with dynamic outdoor billboard ads that are being personally served to the viewers by capturing data based on the environmental conditions, audience whereabouts and product alterations.  Billboard/OOH (Out of Home) Advertising is one medium that is getting increased engagement, since it stands out and is not scrolled over in the “no man’s land” of online ad space.

When it comes to dynamic outdoor billboard advertising, McDonald’s and Netflix are at the forefront of using this medium. “For Instance, McDonald’s set up a billboard that displayed an image of a whipped cream-topped drink where the height of the topping was altered to reflect expected amount of expected snowfall. Netflix created a series of ads for its Daredevil series that allowed the public to modify the appearance of the billboards through Twitter (controlled by hashtags).” 

The 3 types of dynamic tools that are integrated in ad placement are: Remarketing- visit a website and an ad is served to you around the web; Managed Content (Basic Dynamic)- easily revisable content by the client; & Feed Content (Advanced Dynamic)- revisable content that is shown based on targeted criteria in various ad formats. These tools can be used separately or partnered with each.

These Dynamic Ads give the advertiser a leading edge when reaching their audience. Studies have shown that personalized content that changes with time and circumstances is far more likely to produce repeat visits and subscribers than static content.  Plus, the ad literally pops out at you.


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