Digital Advertising Is Leading Towards Programmatic!

Programmatic buying is taking the lead in digital advertising. It can apply to anything from display, digital out of home and television media through the use of automated parameters (buying & selling) to pinpoint your target audience (Display Trading Council). This is comparable to Point of Sale (POS) advertising since, ads will be served directly to the target audience at a buying process.

Meanwhile, “brands should think about data as customers or potential customers.” By doing this, they will be able to develop their branding efforts based on real time engagement data. Marketers will be able to leverage media space “…on an impression-by- impression basis.” Media buying will not be static.

An example of Programmatic ad buying was in Audi’s collaboration with Google to promote the customizable Q2. On top of adding a tag to their website to track new and old consumers, they personalized ads using a car configurator that was incorporated on their website for consumers to customize their dream car. Audi collected this information on user taste to dynamically drive ad creative that matched the consumer’s preference. Conversions went up by four times more than with traditional ad buying.

With this development, data will be used to build ad messaging (creative) that resonates with your particular audience. Sophie Dufouler, global content and social media manager at Nestlé Nespresso, states,  “For me,  [programmatic] is looking at the adaption of creative versus the different target audiences, in real time.” Data is being turned into creative messaging through the evaluation of impressions and to people who are ready to buy.





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