Print Advertising Is More Effective Than Digital Advertising!

Studies show that Print Advertising is more effective than Digital Advertising. The reason is that Print Ads are sensory based.

As human beings, the more digital the world becomes, the less we actually connect to content. “Studies have shown that being able to touch and feel something you read can help you recall its message longer than with a digital medium, so messages on print are more likely to stick.” The closet example is the act of studying. When you study you are rewriting the content to make it connect with you.  Technically, you are putting together Ads to remember.

However, this antiquated way of consumption is going against our zeitgeist of being immersed in the cluttered landscape of digital media. Due, to the cluttered nature of digital media content, we are not absorbing anything, but glancing over it. Bob Provost, author of the Research reinforces effectives of print advertising, relates this to news media websites, “the typical news media web site visit is measured in five minutes or less and with fewer pageviews… The average engagement with a print magazine or newspaper is 20 minutes or more and generally involves several dozen pageviews.” For a brand, this is important, since brand identity last longer.

According to The Foundry, the reason brand identity has a longer shelf life is that “…print lingers and takes longer for a consumer to absorb the message.” Not, only does the brand identity stick around longer, but it is less likely to be compromised and replicated.  “According to research, 56 percent of customers feel they can trust print marketing more than other types of marketing.” This is backed by the common adage, “please show it to me in writing.”

Not only is the Printed Ad, not as dismissive. The majority of Millennials embrace print advertising for shopping and digital media for staying connected. A digital ad might get pushed aside when it comes to racking up those conversions.  For example, “…fewer than one in 10 made a purchase based on social media activity.  Just 1% made a purchase from a social media site. This furthers the point that digital media users use the web and social apps not as a valued advertising source.

Finally, Digital Advertising is also being hindered, by the advent of paid subscriptions, ad blockers, ad options & ad avoidance.  But, you should not dismiss the Digital Ad completely, since impressions are still valued there.


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