Point of Sale (POS) Advertising Engages The Customer!

Point of Sale (POS) or Point of Purchase (POP) is an integral part of advertising, since it focuses on a broader customer base.

FujiFilm effectively uses this form of advertising in Walmart, CVS & A.C. Moore as customers are in the process of printing digital photos or converting printed photos to a digital format at their Kiosks.  Their POS Advertising comes in the form of seasonally themed options that can be personalized to fit your style.

POS Advertising is utilized for FujiFilm’s Kiosks in Walmart based on its demographic, which is associated with “…price sensitive-customers, as they are commonly displayed as deal items, whether that means being on sale, or  “new in store,” or item of the week.”

One of the most common methods of Point of Sale Marketing (Advertising) is the merchandise display, while other methods include the use of signage, receipts and suggestive selling by the retailer at the POS.” Out of the above forms of POS Advertising mentioned, FujiFilm relies heavily on signage.

CDHM Advertising is tasked with developing FujiFilm’s POS Advertising Signage that includes: Table Tents, Counter Cards, Decals, Shelf- Talkers, Kiosk & Tablet Headers, & of course the Catalog.

Included in POS Advertising, is Digital POS, which comes in the form of Screensavers (Stills & Animation) & Wallpaper. These digital forms of POS Advertising are referred to DOOH Advertising.  Integrating DOOH Advertising in POS Campaigns has actually increased sales, according to a Nielsen Study. In particular, “the awareness rate for DOOH Media is thus 23 percent higher than the average benchmark of other POS media analyses.”

This increase in brand awareness, due to POS & Digital POS Advertising could be contributed to the fact that POS Advertising has a broader reach, since they “appeal most to impulse customers who aren’t particularly loyal to a brand…” Within the broader reach your can precisely target your market, according to The Harvard Business Review. Since, POS Advertising brings the customer to your doorstep.



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