Don’t Just Store Your Digital Photos. Print Them!

As we get more immersed in digital technology and the routine of snapping photos on our mobile devices, the one’s that truly matter are getting lost in the shuffle.  The more photos we snap and keep on our digital devices, increases the chance of them getting devalued.

Printing a photo is a way to cherish the moments that truly matter and share them, since “not everyone we know is active on the internet or knows have to use the computer, so they can’t share our memories if we stop printing photos.”Printing a photo gives you credibility when you are sharing.

This is going back to the basics of photography, since it’s meant to create a connection between you and the moment, while giving you something to hold on to or surround yourself with. “The memory stored in the picture adds character to wherever you put it…”Photos showcase who you are and it is important to go through your digital collection and find the one’s that are print worthy.

Character is added to your environment, since life is added to a printed photo that would normally fall along the waste side. Printed photos create a mood.

There’s meaning behind a print, since it demonstrates that you hold value and connect with the moment.  A print can also be an attention grabber. “…We’re all guilty of taking digital photos for granted, prints are rare and (by basic laws of economics) will command more attention because of their relative scarcity.”This makes sense, since we are bombarded with digital photos and are likely to scroll past them without even giving them a second glance.

FujiFilm collaborates with Walmart to make it easier and more cost effective to print out the moments that matter with:  Cards & Wall Décor, Photo Books, Drinkware, Calendars/ Home & Gifts, Blankets & Pillows, Home Décor, Specialty Gifts, Mobile Device Cases & Additional Products & Film Processing (© 2017: Walmart Photo: Photo Products Catalog). These printed photos can be made to fit just about any party theme, holiday or event.


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