How to Gain a Student in 3 Ways…Video! Video! Video!


For higher education institutions, engaging with potential students and starting a two-way conversation through outbound and inbound marketing is essential. It should come as no surprise that these in-demand teens and 20-somethings spend a lot of their time online. While these young adults may be aimlessly browsing from site to site, they are also watching and sharing meaningful video content that they discover in the process.

For example, males in this demographic spend a little more than 2 hours a week watching web videos, and 45% of teens say that they access YouTube more than any other site online.  Solidifying a robust video marketing strategy, as part of a fully integrated advertising plan, is critical for universities trying to break through to this age group.

It’s not enough for your video content to just reach them; the content must resonate with the potential students to increase the likelihood that they will share it with peers (who may also be potential students). Mobile, social and video are not mutually exclusive, but work together cohesively. AOL gets it, and your school or brand can, too.

Keeping that in mind, here’s 3 concepts to make video content that best drives a call to action.

1) Link their passions to potential careers and show them you’ll stick with them beyond college and into their post-grad lives. Use creative strategies that will align with your target audience’s desire for outcomes.

2) Talk to them, not at them or down to them; millennials will smell a marketing scheme from a mile away.

3) Meet them where they are. Video is everywhere now, just like these students. Show up on the most popular social media sites like Spotify, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to keep your message placement on trend, and allow your company to more easily anticipate the future moves of your target audience.

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