To Cable TV or not to Cable TV? That is the New Question…

Cut_the_cable_chord-960x295[28]_cropStamford, CT (April 17, 2015) – One of the first things we experience in our lives is “cutting the cord.” That being said, it’s no surprise that many Americans are mimicking this first experience with their cable options. Millennials, among others, are choosing to be “cord cutters” or “cord nevers” as a first decision of their adult lives. Millions are eliminating the cost of traditional cable services, and developing their own ecosystem of television entertainment that’s based entirely online. A recent PBS NewsHour segment details the effects, decision-making process and impact on the television industry. The results? A 4% decline in traditional television viewership, but a 40% increase in online streaming content. The shift in viewership is certainly a feather in the cap for broadband-based content, but what remains is millions of Americans still holding tight to their cable bundles. What does this mean for advertisers? To increase access to these millions of cable viewers, many networks are beginning to speed up their programming in order to make extra room for advertisers and increase profit margins. So, if brands choose to stay on traditional cable TV programming they face potential ad crowding, but advertising online has its downsides too. Online viewers have the option to skip ads, and with some platforms having limited ad space, the cost to be in this sphere can be high. In order to stay engaged with their target consumer, brands need to consider the future of the industry, as well as the viewing priorities of their target audiences.

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