Trends & New Developments in Digital Media for Higher Education


In recent years, there has been a substantial shift in the way that many students are engaging in their education. Across all age demographics, studies have shown that one in ten potential students are leaving traditional research behind, and searching for their higher education institution online exclusively. This trend has also evolved the way students learn, pushing 32% of students to enroll in a minimum of one online class. This change has shaken up education marketing. Now, the adaptation of messaging and having conversations with potential students has become vital in order to stay present and relevant.

The institutions that will win over the prospects that have the highest retention potential are the schools and marketing teams that fully comprehend the emerging trends in digital education research. Their strategy will be tailored, and their communication and advertising to prospective students, will make the recruitment conversations engaging, yet concise and interactive.

When target audiences are evolving, it’s also important that advertisers grow as well. Overall, a consistent digital presence is something to be considered when advertisers are selecting targeted channels to reach potential students.

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